What is PIR?

PIR Ministries (formerly known as “Pastor-in-Residence”) began through the personal ministry of Dr. Chuck Wickman. Crisis experiences, which drive many ministers from the local church permanently, grieved him. Chuck’s overriding conviction was that the loss of a pastor was a tragic squandering of the talent, experience and ability meant for the Kingdom of God.

Dr. Wickman mentored the first Pastor-in-Residence at his own church in the mid-1980s. Since then, the ministry has broadened both its reach and scope into a national ministry. Building upon its core program, it now provides resources to “at-risk” pastors, addressing the critical issues of burnout, conflict resolution, moral compromise and failure.

What is the mission of PIR Ministries?

To partner with God and the Church in the work of pastoral renewal and restoration, to cultivate new hope for healthy ministry lives.

To that end,

  • We build relationships with pastors and churches to promote a culture of ministry health.
  • We provide a process of restoration when a pastoral family has experienced a forced termination of their ministry.
  • We provide proven resources and tools that assist pastors in the challenges they face in ministry life.

We are especially focused on the needs of the small (ordinary) church leaders and congregations.

What is the process that PIR offers to the exited pastor and his family?

Networking exited pastors with a Refuge Church – meant to be a place to find hope and begin discovering the next steps God might have for them.

Identifying a Support Team within the local church, who will be responsible for mentoring the PIR and his family through the program.

Training for the Support Team within the Refuge church.

A 6-12 month program to safely examine the issues that led to being exited, including:

  • emotional and spiritual support and encouragement
    • opportunities to resolve conflict
    • participation in an assessment of individual passions, skills and styles
    • studies that help the PIR and his family address concerns that surround an exit, including isolation, bitterness, and loss

How does someone become a PIR Candidate?

Inquiries are received by PIR Regional Directors or through the national office. Initial interviews are conducted to determine how PIR Ministries can best serve the potential candidate. Contact PIR

Does everyone return to full time pastoral ministry?

No, but all who go through the program gain a better understanding and perspective of God’s work in their lives and clearer insight into the shape of their calling for the future. They also make significant strides in being restored to a healthy relationship with the Church.

What does it take to become a Refuge Church?

  • Be a place of grace and love;
  • Be willing to serve God’s lost servants;
  • Be willing to be trained in the PIR process;
  • Be ready to accept a hurting family and offer them hope.

If you know someone who would benefit from the resources PIR has to offer, or if you and your church family are interested in more information on becoming a Refuge Church, please contact us at royy@pirministries.org or click here:Contact PIR

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