Setting a Good Pace – Guest Blog

Welcome to Bob Groves, pastor (of GENISiS in Chesapeake, Va.) and friend. This is a re-post (with permission) from his blog “Journey”.  I found this to be a helpful reminder about setting a good pace.

“Slow Down and Increase Your Significance!” by Bob Groves

Life is busy…we all know that.

However, if we don’t create space to slow down, we will find that in most, if not all, areas we are simply skimming the surface; i.e.  living a shallow life.  Or saying it another way, a life that has little, to no significance.

By shallow, I mean not really connecting in deep meaningful ways.  Shallow meaning not having the deep conversations you were created for.  Shallow as in running from immediate to immediate, never living for the important.

By significance I mean doing the things that really matter in life with those that matter the very most.  By significance I mean living a life of purpose in your world.

How do you change this?  How do you slow down & live a life with more significance in it?

Commit to Slow Down

Unless you are co-dependent, which you may be, you don’t like hurrying all the time, everywhere.  (NOTE – If you are co-dependent (need to be needed) actually the fast pace gives you a false sense of importance & identity…this is a completely different issue than simply being too busy).  To slow down though – you have to commit to it 1st.  You already know there is always something to do & somewhere to go…someone needing you..etc.  You have to commit to slowing down.

Commit to Living a More Organized Life

Plan & calendar the important things.  Plan dates with your spouse…plan dinners with family & friends…plan events you want to go to…games you want to watch or attend…Start making the more important parts of your life the things that get on the calendar 1st.  Then, when someone or something “needs you”, check the calendar.  Rather than all those that matter most being last, start putting them at the front of the line.  Not only will you feel better , they will hear what you are saying by making them 1st.  Just like the hear what you are saying when you don’t.

Schedule Creative Time

Another person that should get into your schedule is YOU!  I’m not talking about meaningless time…x box mess & laziness.  I’m talking about creating space to recapture the dreams you’ve lost to your current pace of life.  I’m talking about slowing down long enough to hear the inner voice that has been lost to the noise around you.  There are 2 meetings you need to have with yourself on at least a quarterly basis.

1st Creative meetings.  Where you create the dream again.  Imaging the vision for your life…marriage…ministry…career…family…etc.  Lay down some plans…talks you need to have…people you need to meet with…etc.

2nd Buffer meetings.  These are simply self meetings where you defrag.  It’s a time to deal with distractions…a time to identify all the clutter in your life that is sucking the life out of you or some area of your life.  Then it’s not enough to identify the life suckers, you have to then commit to dealing with them.  Each of them.  Put a plan together…set S.M.A.R.T. (specific…measurable…achievable…realistic & time bound) goals.  Then get them done.  You’ll find that each one completed gives you more energy to accomplish the next.


These few steps alone can have a radical impact on your life, greatly increasing your significance.

slow down long enough to share this with other busy people…


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