Just passing through…

Many of you probably know about the blog site “Internet Monk”, but it has been a recent discovery of mine.  While it is not my intent to simply be a re-poster of the works of others, I am always delighted to share insights and resources that I think will be helpful. Today’s posting from the Internet Monk highlights concerns that are reflective of many who are engaged in ministering to pastors and their families.  See:  “If it seems like your pastor is crazy”


How do you feel when you have committed a ton of effort and time into making something happen, only to feel like you’ve come up short? My friend Glenn offers his personal insights on this very issue in today’s post from his blog “Road Report – Farmington Glenn” titled, “Nothing to Show”.


One more for this Monday! I have been a subscriber to Leadership magazine since its inception. More often than not, each issue is spot on with the trends I have run into in the church. The most current issue is on Transformation, and contains many good articles related to encouraging growth for church member and pastor alike. Here is one I found particularly enlightening, by John Ortberg : A Life to Die For.


Be challenged!

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